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Renault Fluence or similar

The assignment of models to the different car groups may vary from country to country. Reservations can only be confirmed according to the car groups available. The models named are only meant to be examples in size and equipment and stand for similar models within a car group.
Category IDAR
Brand Renault
Model Fluence or similar
Class C
Engine 1600cc
Number Of Seat 5
Number Of Bag 2
Number Of Door 4
AC Available
Maximum risk
Price: 0.00 JD/ Day
Exceed: 2000.00 JD/ Day
Bond: 2000.00 JD/ Day
Reduced risk
Price: 11.00 JD/ Day
Exceed: 175.00 JD/ Day
Bond: 0.00 JD/ Day
Peace of Mind
Zero risk
Price: 18.00 JD/ Day
Exceed: 0.00 JD/ Day
Bond: 0.00 JD/ Day
12.00 JD/ Day
Baby Seat
7.00 JD/ Day
Second Driver
10.00 JD/ Day
Snow chain
20.00 JD/ Day
Luggage Roof Rack
7.00 JD/ Day